Williamson County, Tennessee Construction Mediation

Tennessee Construction Mediation

Construction mediation is an alternative dispute resolution method that gives the parties direct control over the outcome of their legal case. The parties are encouraged to work together to find ways to resolve the legal dispute and enter into a settlement agreement with terms that address both parties’ interests.

What Types of Legal Problems Can Williamson County, Tennessee Construction Mediation Resolve?

The mediation process is completely voluntary, so the parties can agree to mediate nearly any type of legal claim through construction mediation. Warren Smith’s long career as a civil litigator enables him to resolve legal issues involving:

  • Commercial litigation – Commercial litigation may involve claims between two businesses, such as problems that arise in the course of a contract for goods or services or an issue that arises during a real estate contract.
  • Construction defect litigation – When a property is not constructed properly in a way that impacts its safety or value, construction defect claims may arise.
  • Premises liability – If construction was not performed properly and someone was injured as a result, construction mediation can address concerns regarding liability and the settlement of resulting claims.

Who Can Help Me Resolve My Williamson County, Tennessee Construction Defect Litigation?

Warren Smith is an experienced civil litigator and mediator who helps parties throughout Tennessee resolve construction defect and other construction legal issues. His services are available to clients located in:

  • Davidson County, Tennessee
  • Robertson County, Tennessee
  • Sumner County, Tennessee
  • Wilson County, Tennessee
  • Rutherford County, Tennessee
  • Williamson County, Tennessee

Contact Warren at (561) 482-2400 to schedule a consultation and learn more about the benefits of mediation.